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Sebastian Poetter

Full stack developer



Image editing e.g. with GIMP, Inkscape, Photoshop
Animations e.g. with After Effects, Vegas Pro, Blender
Team leading and project organisation, SCRUM, Kanban
Knowledge of electrical engineering e.g. with Arduino and Raspberry Pi
Windows 7-11, Linux (Linuxmint, Ubuntu, Raspberry Pi OS)
Machine learning, Transfer learning, YoloV8, Stable Diffusion, Pytorch, ML.NET



SEO and responsive optimized web-development
Server and client development
Team leading and team analytics
Digitization of your business processes


Game Developing
IoT tinkering
3D Modeling


My name is Sebastian Pötter. I recently completed my master's degree in computer science and am looking for new problems to solve and projects to work on.

I am interested in a wide range of topics in the field of computer science, such as web development, app development, and server applications. I did a lot of private projects and also commissions for my customers. I was a freelancer for web development (WordPress, PHP8, Javascript), project management and software developer (dotnetCore, Java) during my time at the university and before. I got used to open source technology, business process digitization and modern development management (like SCRUM or Kanban). With the theoretical knowledge gained at university and practical applied skills gained at my freelance work, I'm able to familiarize myself quickly with new projects. I independently planned and completed commissions and introduced them to my customers. Managing of software requirements and transparent communication with my clients to get change requests, but also feedback on the finished tasks or projects, belong to my skills. However, computers and information technology are not my only interest, other areas such as biology, chemistry, physics, and electrical engineering are very interesting too.


  1. Secondary school (Realschule) - 2014

    I graduated from secondary school in 2014. In Germany the Secondary school is called Realschule and leads to either apprenticeships or on my case to higher education comparable to high schools. Here I started getting interested in Computer and started building simple websites as a hobby.

  2. High School (Abitur) - 2017

    I made my higher education entrance qualification with focus on computer science in 2017. During this time I worked on some simple projects and made free website designs. Here I started to work with the game-development engine Unity and made some smaller 3D-applications.

  3. University: Bachelor of Science - 2020

    I started studying informatics with a focus on software technology and programming techniques in 2017. I got way better at programming, algorithm engineering and software planning. After the course 'principles of mobile robotics' I started experimenting with arduino and raspberry pi boards to create hardware like a weather-station for my home-sever.

    Some of my subjects were:

    • Algorithms and data structures
    • Mathematics for computer scientists
    • Application-/system-/parallel oriented programming
    • Functional programming
    • Automata and formal languages
    • Principles of artificial Intelligence
    • Principles of mobile robotics
    • My Bachelor thesis: Algorithmically Supported Scheduling
  4. University: Master of Science - 2023

    I want to improve the skills I have learned and want to learn more, especially in areas of team management. So I thought that the master's degree is the best way for it.

    Some of my chosen subjects were:

    • 3D Capture, Design and Dynamics
    • Algorithm Engineering
    • Progressive Web Apps
    • Mixed Reality & AI
    • Visualization in NaturalSciences and Engineering
    • Innovative computer architectures
    • Cryptography
    • Object and gesture recognition
    • Team management internship (SCRUM-team leader for an eight-person team)
    • My master thesis: Development of an environmental simulation in Unity

Who employed/commissioned me

Experience (9 years)

  1. Multiple commissions of one-page-websites for smaller companies - 2014-2017
  2. Commission of a landing-page for a company in Dresden - 2017
  3. Commission of a wordpress-website for the Profesco GmbH (creation and administration) - 2019-2021
  4. Twelve weeks internship at Profesco GmbH in the IT department - 2020
  5. Updated parts of Velomotion GmbH - 2020
  6. Reworked and updated the WordPress website of the company LeFx GmbH - 2020-2021
  7. Created a website for the company EB Gesundheitsstudio GmbH - 2021
  8. Revised the homepage of Sanitätshaus Rosenau GmbH - 2021
  9. Commission of an award-page for Games innovation award saxony - 2021
  10. Team management internship (SCRUM-team leader for an eight-person team) - 2021-2022
  11. Rework LeFx, VrBits and Ovrlab - 2022
  12. Design upgrade of LeFx - 2023
  13. Created a one-page for the VR Game HotWireVR - 2024